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#2 – Face of the Classroom

In the past I have tried to use a class website in addition to a LMS. I felt that it was a bit much to keep up with. However, the website I have set up so far seems to be a bit more organized and easier to manage.

I teach 3-4 different English classes each day, and will now be adding 1-2 Social Studies classes each day. I think the idea of having a centralized website will be a very good idea for the students to go to and the follow links and directions from there will simplify the process. The Allendale English department is also piloting a textbook program this year, so we will also be using the web tools that go along with the book.

I can see definite benefits for students. In addition, parents can be given the web address and see what is being assigned and daily going-ons of the classroom. Typically parents are not allowed access to LMS’s unless their child is willing to log in and show them. Of course, parents can see the final grades students are receiving in the parent portal, but that is a very limited view of what is actually occurring within the classroom.

At this point, my site is a beefed-up skeleton of what I am planning on using during the school year. As I get closer to the year and begin planning I am sure I will revamp and reorganize it (probably multiple times). I am really hoping to take more advantage of the Google Calendar integration.