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#3 – Visual Learning

Word Clouds



This is the first paragraph of the short story by Shirley Jackson, The Lottery. I would present the paragraph to my students as a word cloud, have them analyze the text, confer with a partner(s) and try to make a prediction regarding the exposition of the story. This could also be done further into the story, so students could predict what will happen next.

This along with many more “word cloud” ideas can be found on “108 Ways to Use Word Clouds“.

Mind Mapping

Using Popplet I created a mindmap that I will go over with my students the first week of class and post in my classroom for the remainder of the school year. I have a few class procedures that I am going to have students brainstorm possible solutions during class meetings. Students could use popplet and its collaborative capabilities to brainstorm ideas.

Class Expectations popplet

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Using Piktochart I created a course syllabus in the form of an infographic.