collaboration_0#5 – Collaboration

Using Google Docs (or Microsoft OneDrive) allows students or colleagues to collaborate on a single document in real time or at any time that is convenient to each person. This makes it incredibly easy for teams of teachers to work together on lesson plans or to communicate without having to take the time to meet face to face. Many times teams of teachers no longer have to luxury of having a common planning time, so this has become a necessity.

In addition, web tools such as Trello allow for a virtual task list to be created when working with a group of people. I believe the best part of this tool is that within this list, each “card” can have its checklist, attachments, due date, and assigned collaborators.

I was originally going to only have my students complete one of the letters in my lesson planing (wither to themselves or to the teacher), in talking with a colleague I believe that both letters are important and serve vastly different purposes. I am going to assign both letters, although I will do them on different days, possibly one on Tuesday and one on Friday. This will allow for me to get a better insight into where my students are at (emotionally) to start the year.

Lesson Plan

Trello Task Board

Best Practice: allows for collaboration of documents, opinions, and shared deadlines/responsibilities for cooperative learning 

ITSE: Teachers – 2.b.Develop technology-enriched learning environments that enable all students to pursue their individual curiosities and become active participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning and assessing their own progress.