#13 Digital Images

With the advancement of technology and phones people frequently use pictures to communicate. There are many apps and websites where you can edit and add special effects to photos. As an introduction or visual representation you can create slideshows and share or present them with students. An additional option is to gave students create a slideshow in which they demonstrate understanding of theme.

Bullied on PhotoPeach https://photopeach.com/embed/nxwqyq?mode=spiral

Photo Sources:

vokiThere are also many apps and websites for creating and using Avatars instead of pictures. This is a safe option but does not limit using images to communicate. Voki is one choice which has an education option, when you create an avatar you can record a voice or add text for the automated voice to “read”. This is an option to add instructions or information to a topic you are covering in class.

Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback – Best Practice Recommendations for Setting Objectives: specific but not restrictive, Communicated to students/parents, Connected to previous/future learning, Engaging.
Best Practice Recommendations for Providing Feedback: Corrective, Timely, Criterion Referenced, Engaging.

ISTE Teacher Standard 3. Model digital age work and learning Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital society. a. Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations b. Collaborate with students, peers, parents, and community members using digital tools and resources to support student success and innovation c. Communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital age media and formats d. Model and facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research and learning.

ISTE Student Standard 6: Creative Communicator – Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.